Monday, May 4, 2009

They are *so* their mama's daughters!

Hayley and Em started a game of Scrabble on Sunday afternoon. Perfect game for a blustery, rainy Spring day. They played happily for a few minutes, then... there was a cry of excitement! Hayley scored her very first bingo with the word "listings"!! (I wish I could remember how many points she got!)

For those of you not in the Scrabble know, a bingo is when you use all your letters in one play. It's a pretty big deal even for expert players, so when my 11 yr. old scored a bingo, we were so excited!

And the story gets better!

Just a few minutes later, Emma calls me over. "Mom, come look! Come look! Come look!" She was beaming -- there's just no other word for it! I looked at the board and she had scored a bingo, too! Yes, my 8 yr. old scored a bingo!! The word was "universe", btw, for which she earned 62 points!

Awesome, isn't it?


e-tijerina said...

Great blog, love to read about all the fun and wholesome things the girls participate in!

Kendall's Mom said...

Have you guys tried that Scrabble Slap or whatever it's called? It looks totally fun!