Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, I did it!

I mustered all my confidence and paid an arm, a leg and quite possibly all my hair and teeth to register for a writer's conference!

Really, I am so completely excited. Yes, it was expensive, but it's three days of fantastic classes, networking, editors and agents! I'll be meeting with four agents one-on-one and one agent in a group setting. Guess I need to polish my pitching skills, huh?

Over this past long weekend, I spent two full days working on my book. Sunday, I got up at 5:30 am (I know!!) to write and didn't stop until just after 5pm that afternoon. (I even skipped church!) I didn't get up quite so early on Monday, but I did dedicate most of the day to focusing on the book.

Did I mention how great my family is to me? The girls gave me space and made lunch and dinner on Sunday. Scott took care of meals on Monday and almost all of the dishes that had accumulated. None of them mind that the house is a wreck or that I was mentally absent of a couple days. Hayley even came home from school on Monday and before she said anything else, asked "How's your book going?"

(Sadly, it was back to normal work on Tuesday and by the time I had a chance to work on the book in the evening, I was practically comatose. Maybe today will be different.

But it will only be different if I get my patootey off Delicious as Pie and jump back into the thrilling (not really) world of writing scripts for presentations!

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Mandajuice said...

Yay! That conference is going to be awesome. I love that it seems to be giving both of us a DEADLINE.