Monday, May 11, 2009

Work is putting me to sleeeeeeep...

Maybe it's the post-lunch full/sleepy syndrome.

Maybe I'm just bored silly.

Maybe I should go upstairs and take a nap. (Oh, whoops. Did that thought just slip out?)

The constant call of a nap is a huge downside of working at home. So's the stash of chocolate. The EB (think, adults, think about what/who I'm talking about!) bought way too much. And since most of it didn't even make it into the you-know-what's, someone has to eat it, right?

But check this out! I just got up to get another one or two Kisses and I remembered the amazingly perfect red grapes I have in the fridge.

Yes, I did pass up chocolate for the grapes!

Pick your jaw up off the floor. It's true. See?

I'm off to enjoy my grapes. (If you were here, I'd even share with you.)

1 comment:

Kidsncats said...

But you are famous for HATING fruit! LOL You've changed! Or have you always made an exception to the 'no fruit' rule for grapes?