Friday, April 30, 2010

An Alternate Universe???

Every single morning this week, Emma has woken up trying desperately to convince me she's too sick to go to school.  Yesterday was the most dramatic because she claimed she threw up.  There was no evidence.  At.  All.

Sorry, kid.  You're busted.

I sent her to school anyway.

This morning I was drinking a cup of coffee, mentally preparing myself for the Battle of Emma during the next hour.

When she came downstairs...



Not sick!

Not whining!

She made her own breakfast, rinsed her dishes, brought her school planner to be signed, practiced her violin and got it ready for her lesson this afternoon.  She got dressed on her own and actually went upstairs to brush her teeth when I told her to!

Write it in the baby book, folks!  This is a big day!

And a fantastic start to my day as well.  Hope you all find such unexpected pleasure in your Friday!


Kristi Faith said...

Oh yeah, you got a lucky break today. :0) Perhaps because it's Friday. LOL

Just wait....

Debbie said...

That is great! I hate it when my kids don't want to go to school.