Monday, April 12, 2010

She called you a what???

That's exactly what I said to Emma (who's 9) when she told me what another little girl called her at school today:
A dumb blond.
Can you even believe that? I am absolutely livid. I mean, I can handle all sorts of ridiculous name calling, but that one? It's just going way, way past the line of appropriateness, don't you agree? It's not only mean, but it's downright offensive.
I am so going to be on the phone to the school tomorrow as soon as Emma gets on the bus. As a parent respectful of teachers and administrators, I try to stay calm and look at all sides of a situation before I react. I've prevented many an embarrassing moment that way.
But I'm not waiting this time. I have had enough. Emma has had problems with the little girl all year long. I understand friendship issues they're trying to work through, but I also know that Emma does not call anyone but her sister names. (I'm trying to see the humor in this. Heehee.) She's a very conscientious student and always tries to use the "Kelso Wheel".
The Kelso Wheel is the district's way of helping the kids sort through problems... tell the other kid to stop; walk away; get help from a playground supervisor; etc. etc.
Emma has done all of this over and over and over again. And I am sick and tired of this other kid being a total brat and getting away with horrible behavior.
Oh, I am so going to demand punishment for that kid. (I better calm down a little here. My keyboard doesn't deserve to get hurt by my fast and furious typing!)
You wanna know the ironic thing in this whole "dumb blond" comment?
This girl is blond, too!


margg. said...

I cannot believe this.
It's terrible.
Kids can be so cruel.

Carrie said...

Ugh. Kids at school can be brutal! And what's up with a blonde saying that??

Love your blog--I'm a huge pie fan myself--in fact the day before Thanksgiving is affectionaly called "Pie Day" in my family...where we spend the whole day making various pies...I think our record one year was 23. (We had 16 people for dinner.)

Nice to meet you, I'll be following along. :)

Barbara said...

Did you call the school? What happened?

Katie said...

Hey! you left me a comment on my blog and just returning the comment and now following you.

I actually pulled my daughter out of school in January to start virtual schooling because of two mean girls and a teacher who would rather punish my daughter when she would defend herself!

They told her she was poor and that because she was so skinny her mom didn't have food to feed her.

She got in trouble for yelling at them, she was skinny because her dad was skinny and that they were jealous because they were fat. (which they are a little chunky).

Anyway....I am very proud of my daughter even though it started a wave of frustration with her starting with her pulling out her hair and then the constant crying because she didn't want to go to school. I can now say, she is a happy girl being home and away from the bullies. She wants to try going back in the Fall....I'm hoping she will qualify for the gifted class and get away from the mean girls.

So, tell your daughter to keep her chin up - sadly, it doesn't get any better as they get older but at least as an adult, you can handle them better! :)


Kate said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for sharing that with me. Is there a difference between home schooling and virtual schooling?

So glad you became a follower!

Kate :)