Friday, April 2, 2010

The Cruel Mother Diaries: Spring Break The Final Day

Thank the good Lord today is the last day of my children's Amish week.

I don't think I could stand another day. I really don't.

Emma's constant whining is wearing me down. How I'd love to just tell her to go play on Webkinz, for goodness' sake, and just let me sleep? (Yes, she's come into my room all but one day this week to whine that she wants to watch tv. So much for sleeping in during Spring Break.)

Scott took today off (mostly), so he is home. Yay! But he's super stressed out about work, so he's bummy and sad and mopey.

We're all bored, but don't know what to do. Naturally, we're not getting paid today like we should so we don't want to spend any money. But we desperately need to get out of the house. Otherwise we're likely to come out next via body bag. And that wouldn't be good.

This was an insane idea of mine, this taking away all screen time for five entire days. What was I thinking? All it accomplished was more whining, children who *never* stop talking and my first week of being a full time writer wasted.

Figurative self-flagellation.

Spring Break is almost over. I can do this.

And not come out in a body bag.


Sewn With Grace said...

I got quite the chuckle out of your post, so something I would do! I want to let you know that if you can knit a prayer shawl, you can knit an egg. Really, it only looks hard but it's not.

Kate said...

Thanks Sewn! Encouragement is the best incentive!

Kate :)