Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't drink *anything* when you follow this link!

This has to be the funniest website I have seen and read EVER!

I'm not kidding you. If you take a drink, you will end up laughing out through your nose.

It is that funny.

I quote from the website itself... " it's like a bag of potato chips, once you start reading..."

Let me whet your appetite... a chicken prepped for dinner (you know what I mean) remains alive for 18 months.

Mrs. Winchester, wife of gun magnate Mr. Winchester, had a home built for herself specifically to confuse ghosts.

A 5 foot penguin (well, half penguin half chicken to be precise) enjoys annual strolls through the cosmopolitan streets of New York City.

Here's that link again 'cause I know you can't stop yourself from heading over there right now! And, sadly, no, I'm not getting any monetary compensation for sending you over there. Just the satisfaction of knowing that I gave you your giggles for the day.

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