Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dreaded "Variety Show"

Remember when I posted several weeks ago about Emma being devastated that she wasn't selected to be in the school "variety show"?

Her devastation is still wrenching her poor little heart. Tonight was the show and she cried herself to sleep when we got home.

Apparently, she didn't make it into the show because they needed to have "variety". Oh, and it would help if she played something more entertaining than Bach (or whichever famous classical composer she was planning to play).

I try very hard not to cuss.  This is a family-friendly website. But I'm going to.

Bull. Shit.

More variety? How exactly does eight singers and five pianists constitute variety? Oh, and by the way, one kid played the piano TWICE!

There was one violinist. One. And granted, this little tiny thing (a kindergartner) played beautifully. I'm not begrudging her the right to play in the show.

I'm just completely pissed off at the injustice.

The director couldn't possibly put in all the kids who tried out. The show would have been much too long. But  here's a solution: cut down each act from  5-6 minutes to 2 minutes! How many more kids could she have gotten in?

And for goodness' sakes, take out the inane MC's. I just wanted to throw up. I really did.

And while I'm ranting about all this, why exactly did the principal have a singing act in the show when it was a STUDENT show? Hhhmmm....

Now you might be wondering why we went to the show at all if we knew it would upset Emma so much. Good question. Both clubs she participates in were doing acts, so she had to go.

I am so glad this whole thing is over. Maybe now Emma's emotional trauma (and mine) can start to heal.

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