Friday, June 25, 2010

Dun Da Dun!!!!!

(I actually wrote this post a few days ago, but couldn't post it till now.)

I finally get to quit being so darned cryptic with all you Delicious Readers!

Are you ready for the big news?

We are moving back to San Diego!

My amazing husband took a job with a large, stable company (operative word being stable) as a consulting engineer. I worried that he'd consider it a step down from his current executive-level position, but he doesn't feel that way at all.  He's excited to expand on his engineering background and learn so much more from this company.

He's so awesome. *big, smiley sigh*

We'll probably hit the road within the next month. It's really a tough call because July is a busy month for us here... I've got Vacation Bible School, then Hayley has Confirmation Camp. Do we stay for those? Or leave asap?

I guess it all depends on the house we rent. I'm flying down to San Diego in a few days to look at houses but since I'll only be there for a day, I need to pack a lot into a tiny amount of time.

We've found several possible homes via Craig's List. They're going fast, though, so I feel a bit pressured. What if all the possibilities get snatched up and there's nothing left that we're interested in?

I know, I know. Everything will be fine. Our move date is flexible, so as long as we're there in time for the girls to start school in August, all is good.

I can't say we're exactly excited to move again. And San Diego certainly isn't on our list of preferred places to live since it doesn't snow. But knowing that God has a plan for us has made it so much easier for me, at least, to take the emotion out of the equation.

The girls go up and down with their feelings about the move. Hayley is definitely pro-move, but occasionally starts feeling the pressure. Emma is on the fence. Given the choice, she wouldn't move. But since she has no choice, she's okay with it. All we really had to say was "Sea World" and "LegoLand" and she was ready to pack. LOL

So off we go to pack. And find a house. And pack. And clean. And pack. And hire movers. And, most importantly, remember to breathe.

Good thing I wrote a book about moving, right? Heeheehee!


Tana said...

WOW!! That's great news!! We will miss you guys!!

Valerie Geary said...

Mmm.. I love San Diego... but the Northwest will miss you!! :)

margg. said...


Denise Z. said...

Great news! Glad to hear that Scott landed a job with a "solid" company. As always, wishing you all the very best.