Saturday, June 26, 2010

How could I forget to mention this in my last post??

I ignored my craving for seven and a half years.  Since we left San Diego.  But at lunch on Thursday, I felt completely and totally fulfilled.

I ate a Pat & Oscar's bread stick.

These things put Olive Garden's bread sticks to shame. They're garlicky and buttery and crispy and soft all at once.

They are, quite simply, Heaven.

(Not to self: When writing something down after eating a buttery bread stick and you feel something wet on your hand, don't assume it's butter without looking at it.  'Cause pink pen ink doesn't taste anything like butter.  Nor does it look like lipstick when it's smeared on only parts of your lips.)

Those bread sticks are a huge reason of why I haven't yet run screaming away from the idea of returning to Southern California. Says a lot, doesn't it? LOL

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