Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yummy, yummy bugs

Our yard is apparently filled with a plethora of yummy bugs and worms.  And for once that doesn't bother me!

'Cause we have baby blue jays that hop around with their mama and daddy all the day long. They just came out of their next for the first time this weekend and have already learned to fly to the fence, the ground and up again. They hop around our porch and even watch us sometimes when they see us inside.

I watched the mama feed one of the babes yesterday and it was so cute! The babe just peep, peep, peeped for more and the mama went back to grass to hunt. 

These little guys hardly look like babies at all.  They're now the same size as their parents and even look bigger because of their floofy, downy feathers.

Hooray for Spring! And hooray for the rain for bringing up the worm food for the babies!

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Kidsncats said...

DARLING!! Did you see my baby quail pic on Facebook?