Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can you say FREE?

Hee hee.

Had a couple awesome trips to Rite Aid and Walgreen's this week.

Rite Aid sent me home with two boxes of Special K granola and one box of Tylenol Extreme, yet made no money.

Yup, I walked away with all that FREE!

Walgreen's required me to pay a tiny bit, but it was a mere fraction of what it should have been...

1 Pantene shampoo (12 oz.)
1 Pantene conditioner (12 oz.)
2 bottles Jergen's lotion (10 oz. each)
1 bottle Go! Kids vitamins (60 ct.)

Total spent? $3. Total saved? $24.

Total spent at both stores? Still $3. Total saved at both stores? $39! Wowee!

Woot woot!

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