Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicago here I come!

Early tomorrow I'm flying out to spend the weekend with two of my very bestest peeps, Amy and Melanie.

Thanks for Mel's ever-traveling husband, we'll be staying in the Marriott on the Mag Mile for... fah-ree!

We've also secured tickets to a show at Second City, the comedy club where many of the greats have gotten their start.

Yummy food. Good wine. Lots of hanging around the hotel relaxing and talking and just enjoying being together again.

I can't wait!

But you know that I couldn't truly relax unless I knew my fam here at home is well-taken care of. I prepared an information packet for Scott. Poor angel is left to pick up the chaotic insanity that the weekend became after I booked my plane ticket.

Here's what he's got to juggle...

  1. No school for the kiddos on Friday
  2. Girl Scout cookie pick up
  3. Emma has a GS overnight on Saturday
  4. Emma also has her first swim meet on Sunday, so he has to pick her up early from camping and get her to the meet
  5. GS cookie distribution to the troop
To a mom, yeah, well... it's all under control. But to dad who isn't in charge of Family Coordination, the list can seem a little overwhelming.

So Scott's info packet contains Google directions to everywhere he needs to go, all appropriate Girl Scout paperwork, a packing list for Emma, a spreadsheet with cookie distribution for each Girl Scout, phone numbers, dates, times, swim meet information and of course, directions to get to the swim meet. 

It's taken me the better part of a week to coordinate it all for him. And I don't mind a bit.

After all, he is my Hero. Yup, Hero with a capital H.

I'll be back Monday eve, so I'll post photos and stories (the non-x rated ones hee hee) on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekends!

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