Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canned pears successful! Mostly...

There are some things you just can't take a photo of.

One of those things would be my daughter staring at a pear on her fork, inches from her face, afraid to eat the dang thing because it didn't come from Dole or Libby's.

The offending item, the pear on her fork, was one of the pears that I so lovingly peeled, sliced and decontaminated from any and all bruises and core parts before I canned them.

Five beautiful jars of pears
"I don't like fresh pears, Mom," said Emma.
"These aren't fresh. They're canned."
"But they don't come from the green can," she contended.
"That's because they're better than the green can kind."
"They were fresh yesterday before you canned them."
"But I canned them, so they're not fresh anymore."
"It smells different."
"Eat the pear, Emma."
"But what if I don't like it?"
"You will. I made sure all the pear slices were perfect."
"Em, they're delicious. Way better than the regular canned kind," Scott chipped in.

And she finally takes a bite.

And Mikey likes it.

And Mikey's mommy is ready to scream. Mikey's mommy really wanted to yell, "Just eat the damn pear!" But Mikey's mommy knows that tactic doesn't work with Mikey.

So now as long as I'm dedicated about canning pears before their prices skyrocket when their growing season ends, I should save quite a bit of money. Yay!

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Barbara said...

I have a note on one of my recipes that "Mikey likes it!", referring to Emma's Mom... The pears do look wonderful. Good job!