Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow. Boys are loud.

Friday night we picked up a friend's son to stay with us for the weekend. (His dad and step-mom are on their long-awaited honeymoon.) And last night, we invited his two younger brothers to stay overnight and through this afternoon.

So now we've got our two daughters, plus Michael (13), Bryan (10) and Jonathan (7). And just to make the adventure that much more... um.... adventurous... Emma has a friend over for the afternoon.

And they're all bored. It's an incredible 84 degrees outside and they don't want to go outside since it's "too hot" (insert whiny tone here). Scott and I forced them out for a 15 minute walk. You'd have thought we were making them walk across the Sahara without water. Sheesh.

What do we do whenever we have boys over? Pull out the Legos. Scott (overgrown kid he is) has thousands of Legos. Boys and girls, older and younger, love to play Legos so they'll all stay busy for the better part of the afternoon.

I said "busy". Not "quiet". 'Cause you know what I've learned? Boys are really loud.

And they like to talk about farts. And repeatedly do things they're told not to. And eat. Man, I thought my girls ate a lot when they're growing. It's nothing compared to what Michael eats. Holy moly.

And what have my daughters said about boys in the house? Here's Emma's take: "I'm so glad I have a sister!" And Hayley? Frequent annoyed facial expressions. LOL


Anonymous said...

As a mom of 4 boys (13, 10, 8, and almost 6), I can say you've hit the nail on the head. They must've been on their best behavior, because there was no mention of everything made into a projectile, shooting, and burping contests. (That would be the story of my life, in addition to all that you experienced) Gotta love 'em!!

Scott said...

I have to say, we did have a great time with the Legos! The boys were really well behaved and they all got along as if they were brothers and sisters that day (or maybe better since brothers and sisters often fight a lot! ;0).