Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rockin' Walgreen's shop this afternoon...

I scored two of the evasive $5 off any Nature Made vitamin coupons last week and held onto them so I could couple them with Walgreen's BOGO sale.

'Cause you know what that means!!! Two bottles of vitamin D for.... wait for it.... NOTHING!

That's right, delicious friends, free-ola. Woot woot!

And then I had to use my $7 Walgreen's cash coupons (can't remember what they're called), so here's what jumped into my basket...

2 boxes of very cute hamster Valentine's for Emma
1 8.5 oz. bottle hair spray
2 boxes of Duncan Hines cupcake mix

I know, I know. You're all waiting with bated breath for how much I paid. Well, wait no more!


But wait! There's more! (And no. No Ginsu knives included.)

The hairspray has a "Try Me Free" sticky on it. 

Which means that I'll get a $1.99 rebate! 

Which means that I will have made a profit of 22 cents!

Which means that I did my let's get funky dance in the car on the way home! (Wouldn't you have like to have seen that? ROFLOL) Hayley, my shopping partner in finding-fantabulous-deals crime, thought it was pretty hysterical. 

Or maybe she was just being patiently tolerant. That sounds more likely. I get a lot of that from her these days.

None the less, I did my happy dance and celebrated my fantastic shop. Wanna dance with me?

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