Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally! Photos of The Awesome Chicago Visit

At long last, I present you, Delicious Reader, with evidence of the grand time Amy, Melanie and I had together a few weeks ago.

Melanie is the center (no, not centerfold) beauty in the photo below. Amy, skinny lady who has lost 50 (!!!!) pounds, is on the right. And, of course, there's me on the left. But you knew that. :)

One of our attempts at taking our own photo. I actually love this one 'cause it shows our inner-goofiness.
Amy and Mel (and their fancy-o drinks) at the Grand Lux in Chicago
Amy and Melanie again--aren't they gorgeous? This one is going in a special frame that Melanie gave me.
Oh, happy Mel. We had lunch one day at a place in Lincoln Park called Pinatas. Being a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, she was just over-the-moon happy. Mel now lives in a *very* small town where the frozen burritos at the market are the only Mexican food available.
Melanie and I in Lincoln Park. 
On Saturday afternoon, we saw a comedy show at Second City. So so SO funny!
Me and Mel (Doesn't she have amazing hair?)
Me and Ames
Here's Amy at the Grand Lux about to indulge in a fried pickle. She made me try one. *shudder*
Two kids in a candy store. I bought some chocolate-covered toffee. Heaven.

Three weeks have already flown by since our 48-hour reprieve from distance. Sometimes I like it when time rushes by. It means that our next visits will come that much sooner.

You know, I finally figured how to explain what it feels like to be separated from such close friends... it's like a minor burn that won't heal. It's uncomfortable and stings a bit, but it's bearable. But when you really, really miss them, it's like hot water washing over the burn. Painful. Raw. Completely unbearable.

Oh, how I wish we all lived within a few miles of each other again. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

WHAT GREAT PICS!!! I need some copies of those so I can put them in a frame I bought myself!!! :) I miss both of you already.... xoxo