Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whoa. Trip out.

I just checked my super-secret Stat Counter to see how many Delicious Peeps (no, not the marshmallow peeps 'cause those are definitely not delicious) viewed my blog today.


Yes, one hundred and five.

That's about a bizillion times more than normal, so I'm wondering... did anyone's browser freak out on them and open the page a hundred times?

My mom's browser did that once. I was totally psyched at how many page views I got that day. Then she told me what happened. *sigh*

In my dreams, at least, I have a world-famous blog that gets 1000 hits a day. I've come to the understanding, though, that that is not going to happen unless I offer freebies and contests.

Quite frankly, I'm not willing to do that. I like my blog just the way it is. So large number of daily hits be darned!


Beth said...

I have had thoughts like that of my blog... but to be honest I don't want to make it a job! I blog for me...and yes I would like to have more hits but I don't want to sell my soul getting them! I like your is so fresh and clean!

Kate said...

Thanks, Beth! There have to be pure things in life, right? Not everything should be full of advertising and gimmes.

Off to take a look at your blog now!

Kate :)

Barbara said...

Wow! Hits from foreign places as well. You go, girl!