Monday, February 7, 2011

Phew! Done traveling for the foreseeable future...

We spent this weekend up at my parents' house in northern California to celebrate my brother's 40th bday and my niece's 8th bday. So fun! 

You know what? Drinking two glasses of wine really makes parties a whole lot more fun! LOL

I was so stressed by the time we pulled into my parents' driveway that I hugged my mom and said, "Do you have wine?" She dragged me inside and handed me a glass of pinot grigio before I even stashed my purse.

Thank you, Mom.


Six hundred long miles stretch between my house and my parents'. So in total, we spend 24 hours traveling for 24 hours with my family.

I'm not doing that again. I'm exhausted and my rear end is now flat.

But... the party we threw for my bro was super-fun. Sister Dear has yet to email me photos, but if they're decent, I'll post some. There's a particular one that I really hope turned out. At present time, I sat on my brother's lap and said, "I'm your present!" Gillian snapped a quick photo, thank goodness. I can't wait to see it!

And last weekend in Chicago... I haven't even had two seconds to tell you all about it!

But lest I overwhelm you with a blog post that's overstayed its welcome, I'll save my Chicago tales for my next post.

Check back tomorrow. Pretty please? I'll have photos... and witty adjectives... and lyrical prose...

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