Friday, February 11, 2011

My goal in life is to entertain... even if it means stitches in my head

Yeah, that's probably taking the entertainment goal a little too far, don't ya think? But I sure made the time go faster for all the other dedicated, yet bored, gym members.

Here's the scoop...

I was happily running on the treadmill last night. I had stretched. I had warmed up by walking. I did everything right.

I'd been running for about 10 minutes when I got thirsty. I jumped up on the rubber sides of the treadmill so I wouldn't have to pause the machine and I got a little dizzy.

The next thing I knew, I was staring up at the gym staffer and had no idea what he was saying to me. I was busy trying to piece together why I was on the floor and who he was and why he didn't look like the character in the book I'd just been reading.

Apparently, I fainted and collapsed onto the moving treadmill belt. That not-so-friendly belt shot me off the back of the treadmill and into the machine behind me. Which I met with my head.


Except I didn't feel it. 'Cause I was unconscious. (I did hear the thunk of hitting it, though. How weird is that?)

And before I knew it, staffers, firemen and paramedics surrounded me. Terry (the staffer who decidedly did *not* look like a book character) handed over to an EMT the delightful job of applying pressure to my profusely bleeding head. I didn't even get to say thank you to him.

Funny the things you think about when chaos strikes. (Or maybe I should say when treadmills strike. Haha.)

I did have the serendipitous fortune to be running next to a doctor, so when I fell, she was also right there making sure I was okay. She called Scott for me and he rushed over with Hayley. (Emma was in her swim lesson at the gym.) Poor Scott. He held my hand for a few seconds before getting pushed out of the way by someone or other. All he wanted was to be with me, but instead had to coordinate the kiddos.

He went into the pool area to pull Emma out of her lesson. He told her teacher (teenage male) that he needed Emma out of the pool immediately because I'd cracked my head open and had to go to the hospital.

You're gonna love this guy's response.

"Did you see skull?"

Oh, brother!

Meanwhile... The EMTs loaded me into the ambulance, checked my blood sugar, did an EKG, etc. before chauffeuring me down to the ER. Five hours, four needle pokes, three stitches and two liters of fluid later I got to go home.

****Breaking news*****

(I wrote most of that earlier today. But now I have more to tell... You lucky Delicious Readers!)

We had to leave my car at the gym overnight since I was having great fun in an ambulance. About 4pm, Scott drove me over to get it and guess what?

Someone broke into my baby! He (presumably it was a he) smashed the back passenger window and stole the dvd player. Nothing else. I guess my La Quinta rewards card and my Salvation Army receipts aren't hot commodities.

SO not what I needed.  And honestly, that upset the girls more than my getting hurt. They didn't freak out throughout my ordeal, but learning that the dvd player and the beloved Holly Hobbie dvd were gone?

Oh, they were not happy children.

I'm going to go eat a very large portion of ice cream right now, then I'm going to bed.

No. More. Drama.

(P.S. Sorry if there are a ton of typos in here. My head is too sore to see them.)


Beth said...

Man this stinks! I hope you heal fast...and that is really upsetting about your car!

Julie said...

My gosh... so glad you're ok!