Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just The Right Dress

You'd think it was Prom or something. But it's not. I've still got some time to save up both the money and my "over-my-dead-body" comments regarding prom dresses.

Instead, it's graduation dresses. For both daughters.

Hayley's grad dress will double as a Confirmation dress. Given that it's Confirmation and all, I wanted it to be white. Do you have any idea the challenges in finding a modest white dress these days?

Holy cow.

I saw sexy. And very, very, short. Sleeveless. Backless. Practically boob-less in some cases. I saw floor-length. Wedding appropriate. Skin-tight and hideously accessorized. And with price tags that I'd need to sell the silver for.


My patient computer and I spent hours looking at dresses. I couldn't imagine why it had to be so hard.

Now you might be wondering where Hayley is in all this. She didn't seem to care all that much. I tried to involve her, even tried to take her shopping last Saturday. But she didn't feel like it. Hhhmmm... a teenage girl who doesn't feel like shopping..... Hhhmmm...

On Tuesday night, I stumbled upon *insert gasp of surprise* an appropriate white dress that Hayley might actually like!! And it was in my budget! After making sure she approved, I ordered it immediately. Here's a pic...

In case you can't see it too well, here's the link where you can magnify it:

One girl down and one to go.

Emma can't wait to get a special dress for her fifth grade promotion. All the girls are getting something extra fancy. Or so says Emma. I'm taking that with a grain of salt, but I am willing to get her a new dress for the occasion.

She browsed around at and fell in love with this one:

It is gorgeous. But not quite right, don't you agree? First communion if you're Catholic? Definitely. 5th grade graduation? Definitely not.

Now here's the one Hayley and I voted for, but Emma instantly nixed. Bummer.

No worries, though. She and I are going to the mall tomorrow to look around. Maybe we'll find something we both love. (Besides Auntie Anne's pretzels, that is. LOL)


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