Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready to share my life again...

I fell off the Earth for the past week or so. I thought about blogging, but couldn't. I also thought about a lot of things, but couldn't do those things either.

And I finally figured out why. And why I've been sleeping so much. And why I've been just... just numb lately.

My happy meds stopped working.

Well, technically, I took myself off one of two happy scripts when I ran out last December. Our insurance was still wonky and I didn't want to pay out of pocket. I did refill the script come January, but I'd already been off them for a couple weeks and was (seemingly) doing fine.

Not so much, as it turned out.

The med I was taking was such a low dose that it basically did nothing. Aaaahhhh... Now it all makes sense.

So as of yesterday, I popped *both* happy pills and you know what? I feel better already. I really do.

I know it's supposed to take at least two weeks for the medicine to kick in, but I feel more energetic and there's actually some depth of emotion in this confused body of mine. Hooray!

Now to get you all caught up in the life of the Delicious household.... and these are in no particular order...

1. Scott received a surprise in the mail... a tin of GIANT cookies. I weighed them and they're approximately half a pound each!! They are absolutely heavenly, but seriously? One quarter of a single cookie is too much. The sugar cookie is my favorite and I'm not generally a fan of them, so that's saying something. There's also snickerdoodle, chocolate chip (with and without walnuts), toffee crunch and white chocolate macadamia. YUM!! (Most of them are now in the freezer. LOL)

2. Emma lost another molar. I didn't take any photos 'cause that would just be gross.

3. It's Spring Break! Which, most importantly, means that I don't have to make lunches at 7am for a whole week! Don't ask me why, but I get so sick of making sandwiches every morning when my eyes are barely even open and the OJ has yet to hit my blood stream.

4. Hayley, who has flatly refused to wear a dress for over FOUR years now, tried one on. And bought it. And a bolero. And shoes. And then wore the ensemble to church. Woohhoo! Mama's jumping and down!

She's so gorgeous!
I tried really hard not to make a big deal out of it, but it was a big deal. I secretly Facebooked about it when she wasn't looking. Heehee.

5. And perhaps the biggest news of all... our Hayley-Girl left for her 8th grade trip to DC, NYC and Philly! We put her on the bus Friday night with 97 other 13 & 14 year-olds. God bless the chaperones. ROTFLOL!
She was so excited and couldn't wait to leave... Every 10 minutes all afternoon long, she'd ask, "What time is it?"

Before Hayley even got on the bus, Emma started to cry. Not just cry, but sob. Desperately. She didn't want to her Big Sissy to go. She leaned against me and soaked my shirt with tears. For 25 minutes. The teachers noticed her and kept telling her they'd bring her sister back safe and sound.

Here's a couple of the absolutely precious comments from my dramatic girl... "Can't the buses just leave already so we can stop this pain?" And on the way home... "There's a Florida license plate. That's on the other side of the state, too!" (and dissolving into tears again).

Anyway.... we only heard from Hayley once for about three seconds on Saturday and she was having a blast. We got an actual phone call about an hour ago and though exhausted, she rattled off the many places she's been. Her favorite so far is Mt. Vernon and the bazillions of cherry blossoms everywhere.

Heading towards her bus
Almost time to board!
Mommy's being so brave, letting her daughter fly far, far away.

Loading her luggage
Hayley and Natasha
On the bus!
Good bye! Good bye!


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