Wednesday, June 8, 2011

**Proud Mama Alert!! Proud Mama Alert!! Proud Mama Alert!!**

Yesterday was a big day in the Delicious household! Emma was officially promoted to the 6th grade! Wahoo!!!

And before 105 kiddos in the graduating class of her elementary school received their diplomas, the teachers presented awards. And guess which one Emma received??

The Presidential Award for Academic Excellence! The certificate is signed by Obama and everything. Ooooh, she's excited by that.

Standing up in front of a huge, applauding crowd
We had no idea whatsoever that she'd be receiving an award. And when I heard this particular one was for academic excellence, I honestly didn't peg her for it. Not that she doesn't do fantastic on everything in school, but with the homework issue and all... I just didn't expect it.

The award is about more than just academic excellence, though. The recipient must also be involved in service projects, music and a number of other facets of well-roundedness. And that would be my all-around great girl.

I'm so proud!!!

And my Hayley-girl... well, she just blew us away at her award ceremony. Scott and I received an invitation to the ceremony, so we knew she'd been getting something. We just didn't know what.

How excited were we to hear our girl's name called THREE times! She received awards for: Honor Society; Academic Excellence in Science and Academic Excellence in Language Arts.

Sorry this photo isn't great. Hard to get great shots from across an auditorium. :)

Go, Hayley, Go!!!!!!!!

We'll be up and out early Thursday morning for Hayley's promotion ceremony and then we'll officially have a HIGH SCHOOLER!!!

Holy moly. That's all I have to say. Holy moly.

Oh wait. I do I have more to say. (Of course I do. Hello!?! This is the one place where I can chatter away. Hahaha.)

My girls are awesome and amazing. So there.


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Kidsncats said...

What an amazingly exciting week for you! We are so proud of Hayley and Emma and their achievements! :) Wow - you will have a High Schooler and a Middle Schooler -- and both will do very well! See mama, don't worry too much about that homework battle -- Emma's got what it takes! :)