Saturday, September 5, 2009

If this photo doesn't say "birthday party success"...

... I don't know what would!

After last minute, Plan B planning, Emma's birthday party was fan-tas-tic!

The girls painted small wooden boxes and add some pre-painted wooden decorations. They chatted away as they painted, talking about school and teachers and pepperoni (Helen's crazy obsession) and cheese (Emma's continuing obsession).

As the boxes dried, the girls played hide-and-seek and a board game, then it was CAKE time!

Oh, duh! I should have thought to take a picture of the cake! We used a bundt pan in a castle shape and it came out perfectly. At least until I was lifting the pan off the cake and dropped it on the cake. I caught it before too much damage was done, but a couple turrets broke. Emma didn't care, thank goodness.

By the way, Emma made the cake and the frosting all by herself! I did nothing but oven-duty. She is such a great cook!

We all know what comes after cake. PRESENTS!! Oh joy!! I don't think a girl could have been more excited about her gifts. Check out these pix!

Helen gave Emma the *much* coveted Silver Soft Kitty Webkinz!

Kailee gave her a Barbie toy and two fairy books!

Brittney gave her a Planet Earth panda bear.

And get this...
Ashlyn gave her a block a Tillamook Cheddar! Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Just look at her laughing! She turned as pink as her sweet little Smurfette shirt!

Here's the two of them together...

All the last minute stress was totally worth it. And, hey, now that the kids are older, the party was no big deal.

What exactly was I worried about again?
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