Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's pouring...

Not rain, though. I like pouring rain.

What I don't like is when it pours bad news and then the phone rings and it's more bad news.

It's been a couple of those wet with bad news days.

Yesterday we heard from our MI realtor that he thinks we should short sell the house. We don't know anything about that, but according to him, we stop paying our mortgage in order to start the short sell process. Huh?

I have never paid my mortgage late and am not planning to start now.

But then again, do I want to work 160 hours a month to pay the mortgage and taxes on a house that we continuously lose money on? Not so much.

If we do a short sell, our credit will be affected for the next three years. We have almost perfect credit to begin with, so it wouldn't be the end of the world, but still. A credit score affects everything!

After dinner Scott told me that he doesn't know when we're going to get paid again.


Maybe this is a good time to stop paying my mortgage after all. *insert wry smile here* It's been almost three weeks since the last payday already.

I was so upset by all these mind-twisting, gut-kicking, alcohol-fantasy-inducing thoughts that I took a peaceful, relaxing bath.

And then the phone rang.

It was the MI renters. Something about sewage water in the basement.

I don't even want to know.

Scott is going to have to stop working long enough to find a plumber and call the realtor for more info 'cause I'm done. Cooked. Finito.

Enough already, world!!! Where'd all the good karma I reap go???

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