Monday, September 7, 2009

o/ Happy Birthday, Dear Emma \o

As of 1:50 pm, Emma is officially 9!

We had a wonderful day of orange rolls, lunch out, pedicures, a Rachel Ray steak dinner and Cold Stone cupcakes!

Emma has been wanting to "experience" a pedicure for the longest time, so I suggested we do it today. She was overjoyed! All the polish colors to choose from... the big, comfy chairs... the cute little flowers they painted on her toes...

Oh, life is good!

Before the pedicures, we had lunch at Olive Garden -- Emma's choice. Unfortunately, it was not the best experience. We were there almost an hour before our order was even taken. Scott's blood sugar level plummeted and although he was staying calm, I could see it wasn't going to last. Then Emma started to lose it.

I hunted down the manager and so apologetic was he, that he comped our entire meal and gave us a $50 gift card. You better believe we ordered extra dessert, even in addition to the birthday cake they presented Em with. It all worked out... It's all good...

Come on along and enjoy the birthday photos.

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