Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Free! I'm Free! I'm Free! I'm Free!

Just loaded Emma onto the school bus and I'm free!!!!!

We survived the summer months in tact (miraculously!) and though they were a little reticent, the girls were ready to enter the routine of the school year.

Hayley is an experienced middle-schooler now, starting her second year.

Emma starts this year in the fourth grade. She's my social girl, so she's really more interested in friends than in schoolwork. She likes learning, of course, and is a great student, but she gets bored with it so easily.
After Scott and I waved Emma down the street, I danced myself into the house singing "I'm Free!"

I'm going to spend the next six hours of peace and quiet working, cleaning, hopefully playing FB Scrabble with my mom and making our traditional first day of school chocolate chip cookies.

Everyone take a cookie and lift up your big glass of milk! Here's to the first day of school, to moms who somehow made it through the summer and to the teachers that are blessed with the desire to teach!

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Barbara said...

Oh, the memories that brings back. When you left for college, Dad and I danced and danced and danced - free at last!