Saturday, October 2, 2010

Adventure in the 'hood...

Woo wooooo! Silence.

Woo wooooo! Silence.

Woo woooooo! Silence again.

Uh oh. Emergency vehicles in the neighborhood. Please, God, keep everyone safe.

Fire engines, police cars, haz mat, you name it lined the entire street just below ours.

A house lay victim to a jet fuel hose that somehow fell from an airplane entertaining the crowds at the Miramar Air Show. It's believed that it still had fuel in it, so officials took every precaution possible to keep the neighborhood safe.

The lady in the red shirt is the owner of the house that got hit.
Here she's getting sincere apologies from the Marines. (I told you everybody was there!)

Thank God, no one sustained injury. But two homes were cordoned off with police tape and one of those homes has roof damage.

The drama seems minimized as I type out the story. But trust me, it was heavy. No one in the neighborhood knew what was going on for quite a while, so anxiety ran rampant. In fact, I was in the shower when I heard just one too many fire engines go by. I quick rinsed out the conditioner and hopped out, dripping on the floor as I ran to the balcony to smell for smoke. None, thank goodness.

Even still, I ran to the girls and told them to get dressed immediately, that something was up in the neighborhood and we needed to be ready to leave if necessary. The situation did upset Emma enough that she wouldn't leave my side for the next hour.  Hayley told her to pack a bag--it would make her feel better.

Okay then......... Here's what's in a 10 yr. old's "grab and go" bag:

cell phone
house key
ear phones
empty Target gift card
a small stuffed kitty and it's teeny tiny pillow
a 6" pillar candle (no wonder the bag was so heavy!!)
sponges (seriously?)
autograph book
cheese hair band
clay whistle
hand mirror (belonged to her great grandma)
a small, squishy sumo wrestler (really????)
some jewelry
some amethyst (again, heavy)
her iPod

Did you giggle like I did?

Anyway, HazMat was still set up in front of that unfortunate house as late as 5pm.

Kudos to all the city/military/emergency officials who made sure everything was safe!

Phew. I think I need a weekend from my weekend.


Jennifer said...

hehehe too cute...I like the sponges the most. Sounds like she has her priorities straight ;)

Country Wife said...

What a cutie! I like the squishy wrestler lol.

On a side note, Bug Out Bags are not just for paranoid survivalists, and this would be a great opportunity to explore what you may really need in case of a quick evacuation. They are handy, and also sort of a comfort to smaller kids. Little Sis has had hers for years and regularly updates the contents. She keeps it with her like a security blanket when we have tornado alerts, severe storms, etc.