Saturday, October 9, 2010

Delicious Review:

A few weeks ago, I received a free set of faux diamond earrings from

My Delicious Opinion? Not bad at all... They are beautiful, well made and felt so comfortable in my ears. You know how sometimes earrings can irritate or itch? And sometimes, even when they don't bother you, you can just feel them? Not so with these earrings. They're actually comfortable. (BTW, the posts are made of sterling silver.)

I wore them for one week straight, not even taking them off when I slept. Lots of people complimented the earrings and my girls begged to wear them themselves.

Now I'm not a diamond expert, so I can't claim to have examined them with a jeweler's glass. So whether you can tell the difference between these faux diamonds and the real thing, I don't know. I can't imagine anyone peering at your ears when you wear them anyway, so I think you'll be safe regardless.

They're not for sale yet... is still getting the word out by mailing out free sets of the earrings in exchange for an honest review. I got in the gig early enough that I didn't even have to pay shipping.(Woot! Woot!) Now you do, but it's only $3.77. Pretty nominal, huh?

So... final opinion? I like 'em!!

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