Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy, hoppy Easter!

What a beautiful day to count our blessings! Here's what I'm thankful for today...

** Delicious caveat: That I'm grateful for food, shelter, health and family goes without saying.**

1. I spent the day yesterday driving up to LA and seeing wonderful friends. I came back safe and sound around 10pm and filled eggs and baskets with my hubby.

2. Our daughters were well behaved for Daddy all day yesterday.

3. Also all day yesterday, Hayley felt well. That's saying something these days. (We haven't yet figured out what's going on with her, poor angel.)

4. I just put Orange Rolls in the oven, so Emma will have a good morning regardless of the fact that we have to actually leave the house at quarter to six this morning. (Hayley's Confirmation group is leading the Sunrise service.)

There's plenty more to be grateful for, but now it's time to pull the rolls out of the oven, wake the girls and bunny hop into the shower. Let's pray I don't fall asleep doing any of that. LOL

Have a blessed day!


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