Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9:00 and all's well!

Scott's tucking in the Em-Pie. Hayley just took herself off to bed. Mom and Dad, back again (yay!), are tucking themselves in as well. Maybe when Scott comes back down, we can catch up on a show on TiVo.

Only 14 more days of school left for the kiddos! Can you believe it? This year has gone by even faster than all the others. My mind (and the strangely cold and wet weather) keep telling me it's only January. The calendar, however, begs to differ, as does the continuous onslaught of summer camp brochures.

So what to do with three looming months of summer, two arguing daughters and one peace-seeking mama?


Well, first off, almost as soon as they leave their respective schools for the last time, we're hopping in the car to spend a few days up with my family. Nephew Matthew is getting baptized and I am Godmother! I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I've never been asked to be a Godmother before, even though I hoped and prayed several times that I would be. Now that I am, though, I'm gonna be the best Godmother ever!

Then home for a few days before Hayley starts Leadership-in-Training camp. A couple weeks after that, Emma's got a day camp, then hopefully we'll head up to the mountains to camp with our awesome friends, the Larmon family.

But before I get too far ahead of myself in time, this weekend right in front of us promises to be crazy-busy and super fun-filled! Emma is bridging from Junior Girl Scouts to Cadettes in a big council-wide ceremony-of-sorts. Hundreds of girls and their families will attend to all walk across a beautiful and historic bridge together. At the middle, they switch from the Jr. vests to their Cadette vests and they become officially older in the Girl Scout world!

At the same time as this is going on, my sister, Gillian, and her bouncy daughter, Sophia, will land in San Diego. (Fortunately the airport is 5 minutes away from the bridge, so Scott will just hop in the car to get them.) A couple hours later, my brother, Will, flies in.

You're probably wondering why my entire family is converging in San Diego this weekend. Because, my Delicious Readers, my beautiful and amazing daughter, Hayley, is getting Confirmed!!!!

Gillian and Will are her godparents and Grandma and Granddad are, well, Grandma and Granddad. It's imperative that they're here!

So we're gearing up for a full house, tons of laughs and one very grateful that Confirmation classes are over 13 year-old. I'll post photos as soon as I can!


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