Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's shocking, I know.

As my long-time readers know, I am not a fan of the vegetable. Nor the fruit.

Yet I found myself utterly delighted by a farmer's market the other day. So delighted, in fact, that we left to find an ATM, then came back to peruse and taste-test and discuss the merits of white carrots vs. orange and light red beets vs. dark red.

And even more shocking than the fact that I felt genuine excitement over buying produce is the fact that I'm genuinely excited to eat it!

You can all close your agape mouths now. LOL

We ate the green beans Saturday night and they were so fresh and delicious. The asparagus (part of my Mother's Day meal) was the best I've ever had here in California. (Michigan asparagus puts the CA variety to shame, sorry to say.)

We gobbled up chicken Caesar salad tonight for dinner and the lettuce actually had taste. Yum! Scott, Hayley and I cleared our plates in just a few short minutes. Emma? Well, we're slowly fostering a friendship between between Emma and lettuce. She did eat a small-ish piece without a fight. Granted, she wrapped it around a crouton and dipped it thoroughly in dressing. LOL

Tomorrow night Hayley has her second to last ever Confirmation class (!!!!), so dinner has to be early and fast. I'm thinking the corn is a good bet.

Go figure. Me? President of the Vegetable Haters of America club actually enjoying vegetables. (Don't tell them! It'll be our little Delicious secret!)


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Kidsncats said...

If the trip to the Farmer's Market gets inconvenient, or you find you are tempted to buy too much and spend too much -- see if 'Abundant Harvest Organics' does delivery near you.....I have a few friends who are using it, and they LOVE getting their 'boxes' each week! I've been considering giving it a go...as the grocery produce is so gross. And I, LOVE veggies (not so much fruit, I know, weird...).... We have Farmers Markets that are great (two in town, different days), but....I rarely have cash, hate crowds, and its too hard to focus on just healthy stuff when there is always naughty stuff like sweets, caramel apples, tamales, kettle corn, etc...