Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aw, man!

I've been waiting with bated breath all week for a blouse that I ordered from ModCloth to arrive. Let me tell you... I fell so deeply in love with this blouse that I actually paid FULL PRICE for it. That's sayin' a lot!

The FedEx man rang the doorbell a few minutes ago and was barely back in his truck before I swung open the door, grabbed the box from the porch, ripped open the package and ripped off my t-shirt to try on my brand-new gorgeous blouse!

The color is perfect. A delicate peachy-pink. Lace accents. Sheer, capped sleeves. Empire waist. So romantic. *happy sigh*
Birthday Wishes Top

It doesn't fit.

No matter what size I get,  it will never fit.

It was not made fit any woman with breasts that actually poke out. I fill up a nice-sized bra cup, thank you very much, but I'm not overly-busty. But when I slipped the blouse over my head and finagled it over my boobies, I couldn't even begin to zip it up the back.

The length is actually much shorter than I anticipated and the width of the shirt (once it flairs out from the empire waist) is giant. Think hip length maternity top. Except without room for actual boobs.

And now, alas, I must gently fold it into its packaging and send it with a sad wave back to ModCloth. I shall be brave, lest my tears blur the return address label. (Is my overly dramatic prose entertaining you yet? I'm certainly entertaining myself. LOL)

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