Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Day of Reminders...

From March 21, 2008...

I try very hard to remember that God is present in everything at every moment. Certainly this is challenging for the best of us. Today was a day that served to remind me several times over that no matter the frustration, God is always there helping.

Checked my email first thing this morning. I've been expecting a reply email from my realtor for about a week. Still no response, so I emailed again simply saying, "Everything okay? Didn't hear back from you after my last email." An hour later I get her response. She is pulling out her sign and taking off the lock box because she doesn't have our paperwork.

Ummm, ok.... We have faxed and emailed her the paperwork five times!! Yes, five times. We have the paper trail to prove that it went through, but apparently she can't be bothered to let us know that she hasn't gotten it. Fine then. If she isn't going to be proactive, she doesn't get my business. Good riddance. But still, I was furious. We have now wasted another 2+ months with this lady.

I got busy calling a couple other realtors I had in mind. One we used when we bought the house; the other has a really great track record in this market. The former realtor, Greg, called back within the hour. He asked what was going on and after I gave him a brief rundown, he took control complete of the situation. He told me exactly what I needed to do (get a particular cancellation letter from the prior realtor and get him a key), then told me what he would do: everything else.

I'm not going to have to insist on better photos, write my own description, design my own flier or anything else like I've had to do in the past. He will take care of everything. He's even going to get a stager in there to coordinate furniture since the house will show so much better if it's not vacant. Why didn't my past two realtors suggest that? I told him he was my hero. He calmed me down, took control and helped me feel confident in him and my home. There was God speaking through him telling me it was all going to be okay and that since none of it is really in my control, I need to let go.

A little later my financial planner called. I had called her earlier in the week asking for help filling out some 401K rollover forms. The wonderful woman said, "Here's my FedEx number. Just sign them and send them back. I'll do all the work for you." Thank you, Jesus! (You have to say that with flair, btw!) And thank you, Kathy! God took one more thing off my shoulders that's been plaguing me for the past several weeks.

I need to remember to have more faith. I need to remember that frustration and stress happen. Without them, I wouldn't be able to appreciate the calm and the grace that I see everyday.
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