Monday, September 29, 2008

You've gotta love a husband who...

forces you to buy yourself clothes! I guess he was sick of me playing with all the extra fabric in my shorts and jeans. LOL He finally said, "I'm taking you shopping later and you will buy some clothes that fit you!" Ummm... ok!

So we left the kiddos at home (it's so cool that they're old enough to leave them for an hour or so) and drove to Kohl's. Not my favorite store, but I did actually pick out several things that we on clearance. Typical of me, I started feeling nauseous on our way to the check stand. I tried to convince Scott we shouldn't spend the money, that I didn't need the clothes, that we should just go home. Nope. He wasn't buying it. (Hahahaha! Pun completely unintended!) He wasn't buying my panic attack rationale, but he did buy the clothes. I had to walk outside so I wouldn't see the total. It actually wasn't that bad -- $100 for a pair of capris, two shirts, one sweater top and the world's softest jogging suit (pants and jacket).

I must admit that I am *loving* the capris! I'm wearing them today and it feels so good to wear something that actually fits!! I've lost four or five sizes in the past year/year and a half. I don't know exactly how much I lost in pounds because I don't weigh myself. Ever. Seriously, if I go to the doctor, I step on the scale backwards and tell the nurse, "I don't need to know." I think that's very healthy of me, actually. I'm just not concerned with the number.

A new, stand-alone Penney's just opened up in the neighborhood. My 86 year old neighbor, Gloria, and I went together to check it out. We had both gotten $10 coupons in the mail (you know the ones -- good for any purchase over $10) and were excited to see what we could get for free (or nearly so). I saw several things the girls would love, but they weren't on sale enough to actually buy, even with the coupon. I ended up purchasing two long-sleeved t-shirts for me. I'm so pleased with them because the cotton is actually fairly thick, so the white one doesn't look as see-through as so many other white t-shirts to. I ended up paying $6 for the two shirts. Coolio!

I love a wardrobe that costs next to nothing!

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Mandajuice said...

I love Kohl's. They usually have good stuff for super cheap and it's not all hoochie mama!

Good for Scott for forcing you to shop!