Thursday, September 11, 2008

The potential of 5 1/2 hours

From Sept. 6...

Now the third day of school, I finally have a day to myself. I'm not volunteering in Emma's class, so I can now focus on ......... ??????

Which of the many things I want/need to focus on do I actually do? Here's my potential list for the day, in no particular order...

1. Library (I'm out of books to read! Ack!)
2. Grocery store (Have to return spoiled meat I tried to cook last night. Grrr!)
3. Blog (Hey, look! I'm already doing that!)
4. Clean my bedroom (Woohoo! I did most of it while Emma was getting ready for school.)
5. Make a dr's appt.
6. Costco (I must buy no more than $100 of stuff. I must. I must. I must. I must...)
7. Find a white, wooden chair (long story on why)
8. Work on my book
9. Work for pay (There hasn't been any work all week. Will today be any different?)
10. Play the piano. (Lots of fun. When kids are not around, that is.)
11. Write Emma's birthday letter (I guess I should also do last year's that I never got around to.)12. Call my dear friend Melanie.
1 3. Plan the dinner menu for the next week. (I have a new cookbook, so maybe this won't be too bad.)

I could probably keep thinking of things. You know, all the housework, cooking, dishes, etc. Blah.

So how much do you think I will actually get done in 5 1/2 hours? Here's my bet... Costco, grocery store, white chair research, library and phone calls. I'll also check for work to see if there is, in fact, anything to do. But most of all, I plan to enjoy the bicker-free sounds of a household. For the next 5 1/2 hours. Oh bliss!

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