Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two absolutely neccessary kitchen items!

Last week, my scraping spatula broke. The rubber part actually broke right in two as I was trying to get that last tiny bit of mayo out of the jar. My two other spatulas are getting old and worn as well so during my weekly Target shop, I gave myself permission to peruse kitchen section. (I don't look there too often or I see things I somehow "need"!)

And there, right in front of me, was the most perfect solution to an issue every single one of us struggles with... dirtying multiple utensils to make a dumb sandwich! Chefmate has just come out with a spreading spatula! One side of the spatula is flexible and jar shaped so you can scrape the bottom/sides of the jar and plop your peanut butter, etc. on your sandwich. The other side of the spatula is stiff so you can actually spread without tearing up the bread or dirtying another knife! How brilliant is that?! And even better, it comes in a set of two, with one being about 6" long and the other about 12". Now you really can get the last of the whatever out of the jar! Woohoo!

My other great find, which may not be new to the rest of you, is the scrubby microfiber dish washing cloth. Again at Target, I was scouring the cleaning tools aisle for an alternative to the sponge. I can't stand the sponges anymore. No matter how well I rinse and squeeze the things, they get stinky within two or three days. You know that smell I'm talking about -- the mildewy, pervasive, gag me smell. I throw them in the laundry. I throw them in the dishwasher. But even after a couple washes, I have to throw them out and they are just too expensive for the "invest and toss" method. So I needed a new solution.

And the scrubby microfiber cloth was it! It's soft on one side, scrubby on the other just like the Oscello sponges I used for years. This cloth removes stuck-on muck with minimal effort, rinses cleanly and best of all...... dun dun dun...... dries quickly!!!!!!! I rinse it, squeeze it and place it on the faucet to dry. And it does! And it doesn't get gross and stinky!!!!

I bought just the one to try out and used it for about two weeks. It still didn't smell icky, but I threw it in the laundry anyway. I just purchased another ($3.99) so I can rotate them each week.

I am so thrilled with my discoveries! They are making my life so much easier! I love getting that last little bit of jelly out of the jar! (Waste not, want not -- right?) And saving money and the environment by avoiding the necessary "invest and toss" method is just so cool!


Mandajuice said...

I just bought a new spatula this week too! (at the Dollar Tree, though, so I fully expect it to break in a week)

My trick with stinky sponges is to throw them in the microwave on high for at least 60 seconds. Kills the bacteria and makes it like new again. I hate the smell of mildew so much that I nuke my sponge almost every day! I'll have to come check out your cool new cloth!

miranda said...
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