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My Virgin Blog!

From March 18, 2008

Hooray! I'm finally getting started! I've been thinking about starting blog for several months now, but couldn't seem to find the time. Now here I am! True, I should be working on my book or printing off directions to the Girl Scout store I need head off to in just a few. It wouldn't hurt to run to the grocery store to replenish the ever low stock of peanut butter and bread. But the blog took priority today.

I've been reading so many other blogs and I'm curious about something. Where do these people find the time? Seriously, I just read one blog in which the writer documented every single expense on the moving company quotes he had just received! I don't know what his situation was, but when I've moved (more than just a few times), I don't have the time or the inclination to share such detail!

Other blogs I've noted are equally detailed and/or lengthy. I suppose if I forewent all my normal responsibilities, I could do that. I'm not sure I'd want to, though. But since this is my virgin blog, I can't really say what or how much I'll be blogging down the road. Maybe it becomes an addition of sorts? Any thoughts on that one?

I've also hesitated to start blogging simply because I didn't know where to start. Then I worried that I didn't have anything interesting to say. I've since made up my mind that it honestly doesn't matter. At this point, it's more online journaling. If it becomes something more, yay for me!

So right now I'm waiting for a friend to arrive. We're driving down to the Girl Scout store in Portland to buy supplies for the Junior troop I'm starting. This whole Girl Scout thing has been an interesting ride so far this year. See, last summer my family and I moved from the Detroit suburbs. As I said earlier, we've moved around quite a bit and one of the best ways I've discovered to make new friends is through Girl Scouts. (I imagine Boy Scouts is much the same, but I only have daughters, so my experience is limited to GS.) In September, I contacted the local GS council and asked for a troop, but it was three months before I heard back. I was more than a little annoyed. I mean, come on already! When I finally did get a call from the membership chair, she had a Brownie troop available for my younger daughter, but no Junior troops available. It seems that there are many Jr. troops in existence, but none of the leaders will accept additional girls. My daughter and I were out of luck.

Unless, of course, I wanted to start a troop of my own. It's not my first choice, but Hayley wouldn't be in a troop unless I did. I signed up, did the training and was given a list of 9 other girls waiting for a troop. I contacted them all and not a one was still interested. Apparently, the list was several months old and the girls had become busy with other activities. I was afraid that was going to happen. Now the tables had turned and there was a leader without a troop. Very rare in the scouting world!!!

I sent fliers to my daughters' school. I talked to other moms. There was minor interest, but no one seemed likely to commit. Thanks to Hayley we finally found some interested girls! She did a presentation on GS in her class and several girls told her afterwards that they wanted to join. Hooray!! It's taken a few weeks, but we now have 6 girls registered to be in our troop and another two girls (and parents) thinking about it. I'm thrilled!! Our first meeting is next week!
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