Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I went to the movies by myself tonight

I had to get out. The girls hadn't been too difficult today, but I found myself losing patience all the same. I was trying to breathe deeply and stay calm and I was fairly successful. But all the same, I knew it would not be a good idea for me to do the bedtime routine.

Scott has been working round the clock -- during the day at work, during the evenings for Dubli -- and I totally appreciate all his tireless efforts. But tonight, I was done with having sole responsibility for dinner and homework and instrument practice and chores and dishes.

So I put dinner on the table, enjoyed the muenster chicken and roasted cauliflower (no, I didn't drop it this time) and then left them to fend for themselves. I saw House Bunny. It was actually really funny! I wondered if it be one of those movies where all the funny parts are shown in the trailers, but it wasn't. I laughed out loud multiple times throughout. The lead actress played her role perfectly!

Now I'm home, feeling calm and collected again. Emma is still awake (it's 10pm); I haven't checked the kitchen to see if the dishes were done; and Scott is, again, working. But I can handle it now. I'm ready to be Super-Mom again (she says as she leaps through the air, cape flying behind)!

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Tana said...

Good for you!! Thankfully, your girls are of age to leave home.