Thursday, September 11, 2008

My baby turns 8!

From Sept. 8...

It's astounding to me how that teeny tiny bruised and squalling kitten of a baby is now 8. She is such an angel on earth and is truly a gift from God.

Her birthday was pretty darned perfect, excepting the tantrum at having to go to church on her birthday. She got over it, though, and was so glad she went because she saw her friend Mallory there.

Normally on a birthday, the birthday person chooses what restaurant he/she wants to eat at for either lunch or dinner. Emma strangely did not want to go out at all. She had her birthday menu planned for about a month and was not going to stray from it: orange rolls for breakfast, pigs in a blanket for lunch and Rachael Ray steak for dinner. Mmmm.... it really was a delicious day!

After lunch, Hayley took her to Baskin Robbins for ice cream while Scott and I coordinated the gifts. We needed Emma out of the house because she was getting her much longed for desk! We had to rearrange furniture a little bit and set up the desk. This is an extra super special gift because Scott made it! In about two days, too, I might add. He is amazing, that fellow.
For months I have looked for the perfect white desk and could not find it anywhere! I was so incredibly frustrated that I finally asked Scott if he'd be willing to make one. He was really excited about it and so the timing/supplies/Home Depot/power tool adventure began. By staying up late on both Friday and Saturday, he finished it and it is gorgeous. He has yet to put the drawer in (it was either a drawer or the white paint in the time available), but he will put that together this week. The chair was also an issue. How come no one carries a basic white chair? It is that uncomon? I searched high and low to no avail. I'm just going to have to order one online, bucking up to pay for shipping.

At any rate, Emma was thrilled with her desk and all her presents.

Next on the list was rollerskating. It's been um.... 20 years since I was comfortable on skates. It took some confidence, but I did get out there and cruise around that rink. I'd forgotten how much fun it was! Emma was doing great (only her second time skating) and Hayley took to it right away. She's taken ice skating lessons before, so we knew she'd have a blast. Scott, of course, instantly remembered all his skills and was flying around, whizzing past the three tottering D______ women.

After a super yummy dinner and scrumtious cake and an unexpected visit from friends, both girls promptly conked out.

Now Monday has returned and with it, the first full week of school and activities. My eyes deserpately want to shut, whether due to birthday exhaustion or in hoped avoidance of the schedule at hand, I don't know. Emma purposefully reminded me as she got on the bus this morning, "Don't take a three hour nap today, Mom!" Ya see, last year when I was supposed to take birthday yummies into her class, I fell asleep. Yup, for three hours. And then I didn't even realize where I was supposed to be for a bit after I finally woke up! Of course I rushed over with the treats and it was no big deal that I was late. I felt horrible, though. Here it was the first week of school and already the teacher is going to think I'm a flake! LOL! Not so much, though. He was very understanding, especially when I told him we had just moved in three days before!

And now I am off to deliver another batch of birthday cookies -- this time, on time!

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Courtney Jones said...

Hi Kate,
Love your new looks great.
Sounds like Emma had a great day.
We miss you guys.