Monday, February 1, 2010

East to West, Florida Is So Not Best

The business portion of this trip to Florida is officially ov-ah!!


Now onto fun! First... three days with the in-laws, then up to Orlando.

We did the Disney thing back in 2006, so this time we're going to spend our Orlando days swimming with the Sea World dolphins.

Well, technically we'll only be swimming with the dolphins for 20 swim-tastic minutes. Lots of moola for a 20 minute swim, but really, it's not as bad as you'd think.

Swimming with the Dolphins is $199 per person, but that includes so much more than just the main feature. We get a full day at Discovery Cove, complete with breakfast, lunch and all beverages and snacks, sunscreen, lockers, etc. etc. All inclusive.

And it also includes 14 days of admission to Sea World. Admission to Sea World for a single day is $75. Can you believe that? Insane!!! How does anyone afford to go at all??

So we'd spend $600 just on two days at Sea World and a full day at Discovery Cove. I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

Off to finish watching The Ugly Truth. Slightly uncomfortable movie to watch with the in-laws -- it's a little risque. People over the age of 50 aren't supposed to know about that kind of thing! (Funny, only three or four years ago, it was all people over 40. Huh. Wonder how that extension came about.)


Barbara said...

Hmmm, at $199 per person, who is not going?

Kate said...

Me. I'm taking the photos. :(

Barbara said...


Kate said...

Well, I seriously debated. If I swam with the dolphins, it would cost another $100. They have a photographer and a videographer in the water, too, and I'm sure their photos will be thousands of times better than mine. But, as you can imagine, their prices are pretty steep. So... we're looking at another hundred at least.