Friday, February 19, 2010


Simply ridiculous.

The company that Scott and I both work for was recently acquired by another company, based out of Germany. The acquisition couldn't have come at a better time: it was the end of the line for our employer.

Smiles and laughter were abundant in the office for quite some time afterward, but now those seem to be fewer and farther in between.


Because our new employer refuses to regularly send money wires so that we employees might get paid.

That's right. It's once again payday and there will not be a paycheck. No paycheck for Scott. No paycheck for me.

Where's the emoticon for throwing a furious temper tantrum?

The company has the money. That's not the issue. The issue is that they keep putting off sending the damn wire, but won't tell us why! All they say is that they have questions about the numbers. Bull-oney.

When we actually get paid, Scott and I are comfortable. We're able to pay down the debt we accrued over the past several years of financial hell. We're able to put money in savings. We can eat out when we want to and buy little things here and there.

Frugality and minimalism is our modus operandi, so we certainly don't go crazy with spending. Not at all.

But when the pay checks don't come, everything appears so convoluted. Should I be paying $8/month for my subscription? Should I be working from home instead of going into the office to save money on gas? (Thank goodness I have that option, but I really do like working around other people. Less lonely + adult conversation = happier Kate.) Should I finally get online and sell those things around the house that I don't want, but someone else does?


What would you do? I'm generally curious about what other people would do in this situation. Cut back on absolutely everything (yet again) or go on living somewhat normally knowing that the money will come, just not regularly?

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