Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Magazine Family Day

Saying we had a blast at Sea World today doesn't convey just how much fun we had. It was awesome!

We spent ages watching and petting the rays. Hayley finally found her inner fish handler and fed (ok, dropped) half a fish to the rays. The silly girl desperately wanted to feed the rays. I made her go look at the ray food before I gave her the money and she couldn't wait. Apparently, she didn't noticed that the fish were cut in half. 'Cause she didn't want to go near any fish with "guts hanging out". Ick.

We perused the shark exhibit and spent time reaching into the dolphin pool. Patience is the key when waiting to pet dolphins. Scott and I were able to reach one dolphin as it glided by, but it was just that much out of girls' reach.

And guess what? I, Official Fraidy Cat of Roller Coasters, actually donned my brave hat and rode the Manta. Upside down, loop-de-loops, spinning around, hanging upside down... *violent shiver of repulsion*

But I did it. Yes, there was a minor panic attack going in and I not so nicely had to tell Scott to stop talking already, but I survived. Did I enjoy it? Not so much? Will I do it again? Really, no.

Emma adored the Manta coaster and insisted on riding it twice. Hayley was partial to the Journey to Atlantis, especially the part at the end when you get WET!

The single bummer of the day? The ice cream was a total disappointment. A long line, too much money, a tiny scoop and weird tasting Rocky Road. We made up for it, though, by having a brownie sundae after dinner at TGI Friday's.

We can't wait till tmro -- swimming with dolphins! I'll be sure to post photos tomorrow night, so definitely check back!


Valerie Geary said...

Swimming with dolphins!!! So jealous!! Also... how come theme park ice cream always sucks so much?!

Barbara said...

Can't wait for the photos! Enjoy!