Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hoops Can Have Sharp Corners

Yesterday in my whiny post (sorry about that, by the way), I mentioned the house closing in Michigan. We woke up today knowing that we were going to have to jump through an obstacle course of hoops to get everything taken care of on our end.

We scraped together the amount needed for the check. We signed all the docs and took ourselves to a notary. (Mind you, Scott was in meetings all day and I was bouncing from commitment to commitment, so lining up the hoops took coordination in and of itself.)

Just as we walked into the notary's office... ping! There's a text on Scott's phone.

From the realtor.

"STOP! Closing postponed because of lender's appraisal issues."

And JAB! goes a sharp corner of one of those hoops.

Subsequent text read "Could take at least another 10 days. Will try to work with your mortgage company for an extension."

See, our mortgage company's demand was that everything happen in 20 days instead of the usual 30 day closing. Why, we don't know. But does anyone know why mortgage companies make such insane rules and demands?

What happens if they don't grant an extension? We start over from ground zero.

Honestly, that seems ridiculous to me on behalf of the mortgage company. I mean, they're just going to have to go through the whole process of looking at our desperate pleas for a short sale again. More work for them. Why not just leave it in the books and eliminate so much extra effort on so many people's behalf.

The good news of the day, though, is that we actually have a confirmation number for the money wire that was sent to the office this week to fund our back pay and expense checks. Maybe tomorrow we'll be able to pour money back into our checking account again. Then I can siphon it all out again when I pay the bills tomorrow night.


Put on your Dancing Queen platform shoes and sing Abba with me... Money, money, money. It's a rich man's world.


Kristi Faith said...

Hi Kate!
Thanks for coming by my blog, it's always nice to meet someone new. :0)

Ah, those sharp corners can hurt, yes...but sometimes they're 'blessings in disguise' as it's said. Here's hoping for your future success with this problem!

Barbara said...

I love your upbeat blog despite all the ugly issues!