Saturday, February 13, 2010

Really? Is the economy that bad?

Sometimes I just can't imagine that it is. Here's why...

We had to run a couple things back to the mall today. It was later in the day, about 5:30 ish and we planned to have dinner at the Chili's in the mall.

The mall was packed. More than it was when we were there the day before Christmas. (Yes, we went to the mall on that Most Dreaded Shopping Day. It's my birthday so we get to do what I want and that means eat at Chili's -- yum!) It took 15 minutes just to park the car, then had to wait behind 11 people in line at Justice.

Obviously, the mall is not hurting for business.

But my confusion at our economic status remains... Chili's has closed permanently. Forever. Gone. No longer available to feed my craving for the most amazing chips and salsa on Planet Earth. They were always busy, so why? Why? Why? (Breathe, Kate, breathe.)

Still needing to put food into our baby birds' mouths, we called over to Macaroni Grill. Hour and ten minute wait. Claim Jumper? An hour and forty minutes.

Seriously? If restaurants are that busy, how money-starved can people be? How can there not be enough money for our schools and our roads and aid for the large population of homeless people here in the Northwest?

I'm so confused!

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