Monday, December 13, 2010

Books, books, blessed books!

A Borders in town (way, way across town) is closing, so their entire store is 40-60% off. Wow.

Wowwee wow wow.

Despite the fact that the shelves were picked over and many books had been transferred to other stores, I ended up at the cash wrap with 13 books.

And 12 bows (the kind for gifts).

For $35.

Yup. $35! How coolio is that????

Now, of course, all I want to do is curl up and read, read, read. But it being the holiday season and all, my busy-ness quotient has expounded ten-fold.

Another week, though, and Christmas vacation will be here... a break from lessons and recitals, practices and volunteering, shopping and wrapping, running and running and running.

My wonderful parents will be here and we'll sit in front of the fire (should it *not* be 90 flipping degrees outside), enjoy the smell of the Christmas tree, savor (or scarf) the yummy cookies and read.

Make that "Read" with a capital "R".

And maybe, just maybe, by New Year's Eve, I'll have achieved the elusive goal of reading 75 books in a year. (I'm at 68 right now. I think. I keep losing track.) ;)

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