Friday, December 10, 2010

Girl Scouts are so much fun. Loud, but fun.

I hosted a spur-of-the-moment Girl Scout meeting at my house tonight to plan a last minute holiday service project. Funny how an hour and a half meeting can stretch and stretch and stretch while the DADS chatter away like magpies long after all the moms have left to sensibly put their children to bed.

But this sensible mom could not tuck in her children because they were running rampant with the remaining Scouts. The loudest Scouts in the troop, I might add.

Oh how I wish they had a mute button.

I'm nonetheless glad to have had the meeting. The girls are working through the Journey program and in the last part of the program involves a service project.

Emma came up with a fantastic idea a couple days ago and since it's holiday-related, we had to rally the troops to put the project together asap.

The girls are creating bookmarks listing pertinent holiday recycling information. People generally want to recycle as much as possible, but forget (or don't know) their local recycling plant's guidelines. My five Girl Scouts are out to remind/educate the public on what common holiday items can and cannot be recycled.

I'm so proud of them for working through their differences of opinions and wanting to really help the community. They're a great group of girls, they are. Loud, but great. LOL

I'll post a photo later this weekend of the bookmarks they create so all you Delicious Readers can print out and share with your friends and family this holiday season!

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