Friday, December 3, 2010

Seriously? Seriously?

This cannot be. I cannot be sick again.

Three illnesses in eight weeks. It's just not cool. Add in that random hurt wrist that bugged me for a good two weeks and we can easily come to the conclusion that the past two months have been just dang annoying.

A wicked sore throat plagued me yesterday so my amazing husband wouldn't let me out of bed today. I awoke long enough to call and cancel the day's doings (Girl Scout meeting), then slept for another four hours. Woke up for lunch and half an hour of a bad 1951 movie, then slept for yet another three hours.

All slept out now. I'm going to have to swallow a couple Nyquil in order to fall back asleep. Maybe I'll catch up on some blog posts, commenting on other blogs and who knows? Maybe I'll even work on my novel.

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Denise Z. said...

Feel better soon...