Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alone is a good thing, right?

Usually, I adore Alone Time. What mother doesn't, right?

And next week, I'll have three plus days of total, uninterrupted Alone Time.

I should be ecstatic, but I'm not. I'm completely bummed out.


Both kids will be away (one camping with friends, the other at camp). Scott and I planned some fun things to do around his work schedule. Work is work, has to be done. But the kids would be gone!

Then a business trip got scheduled. No prob, I'll just go along. He'll be right here in CA and we have a free round-trip ticket on Southwest just begging to be used.

Alas. No frequent-flyer seats remained on any flights we could make work and since the trip is next week, ticket prices are outrageous. $400 for an hour and a half flight that's usually about $100.

And so I'll be alone. It wouldn't be so bad except for two things...

Number 1: My sister lives just an hour and a half or so from where I'd be and we'd planned to meet for lunch one day. I only get to see her once or twice a year and I really, really wanted to see her!

Number 2: Despite the fact that the kids are on summer break, I've had a lot of alone time lately. That's what happens when you join the Insomniacs of America club. I'm bored of being alone and I want company!!!!

Are you wondering about getting together with friends? That would be nice, wouldn't it? Making friends takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. *sigh*


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