Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The colors of God's robe

Scott and I stopped in San Juan Capistrano the other day on our way home from dropping off the girls. He needed a decaf Americano, one inch of cold soy and three honeys, please.

As we waited for his coffee, I turned to look out the window. This is what I saw...

It's the San Juan Capistrano Mission, built in 1776. 

Aside from the odd Victorian you might see in a dedicated park, there is little in Southern California to indicate civilization before say, the 1950's. So to stumble upon a rambling mission from 235 years ago... it's a sight to behold.

Naturally, I wanted to go investigate, but given the day and time (8pm on a Sunday evening), the gates were locked up and the tour guides were settled comfortably in their easy chairs back home.

We were rooted to the corner, though, where we took the photo above. We just couldn't leave the show God was putting on for us... I think He must have been showing us the colors of His robe. 

Simply breathtaking.


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Love this mission! I have family there so the kids and I like to stop often!! I adore your blog and agree! We are living parallel lives heehee Can't wait to see more!! Thank you Kate!!